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What We Do

Due Diligence

Drawing on our expertise, Land Development Services provides an unbiased and thorough assessment of the condition of any property. Included in our report is information about entitlements, encumbrances and anticipated costs for development which, in turn, assists in formulating realistic expectations regarding the use of the property.

Building the Right Team

Having the right mix of qualified professionals has a significant impact on the successful completion of any project. Land Development Services utilizes their years of experience and multitude of resources to solicit and procure the most qualified team members.

Project Team Coordination

Land Development Services provides strong coordination of the project team. This is essential to optimizing efficiency and streamlining efforts. Through diligent supervision and open communication, project costs are kept to a minimum and mistakes avoided.

Regulatory Agency Oversight

Proper oversight with regulatory agencies and government officials is very important. Project submittals for approvals and permits are critical to launching a project into the implementation phase properly. Land Development Services will utilize its years of building strong relationships with policy makers to interface with regulatory Staff to assure expedient processing and reduce costly requirements.

Project Budgeting

Strong, reliable project cost information is fundamental to implementation of any project. Land Development Services can prepare strong and reliable project budgets that have a basis in the latest cost data. Furthermore, cost variances are tracked as the project progresses towards completion.


Develop construction schedules and time lines that identify key target dates and track progress through the completion of the project.

Value-Added Review of Construction Documents

Significant savings can be realized in many projects with a pre-bid review and analysis of completed plans (Value-Added Review). By identifying unnecessary tasks and more efficient techniques prior to the start of construction, huge cost savings for the owner can be seen at the beginning of the project.

Bid Administration

Soliciting great construction pricing is as much about WHAT you ask as it is about HOW you ask. Proper Bidding is the best way to start saving on construction expenditures. Land Development Services pays particular attention to how it compiles its list of qualified bidders. Likewise bid document preparation and bidding are carried out with the same high level of care. Bid results are compiled in an easy to understand format and reviewed with owner for selection and award.


Projects under construction need constant supervision. Land Development Services provides this supervision. Contractors’ progress is monitored and activity is documented in progress reports to the owner. Pay application requests are reviewed and conflicts resolved by our qualified staff.